Starburst Dinnerware by Franciscan

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Here are some of the more common questions asked about Franciscan Starburst dinnerware (or at least, the ones I have answers to!) :

When was the Franciscan Starburst line of pottery produced?

The official answer: 1954-1957. However, there seems to be some discrepancy amongst some sources. It might have been produced through the early 1960's. I'm still searching for more details...

What is [particular piece of Starburst] worth?/How much should I pay for it?

A good place to start would probably be eBay, just to see ballpark figures of how much a certain piece is going for. However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't pay more for something you find in a shop or from a dealer. The condition of the piece is a key price determiner, and the advantage of holding something in your hand before purchasing often comes with a higher price.

There are also a number of published collectibles price guides, such as the ones I have quoted, as well as many others. Because they are published more generally, as "collectibles" or "dinnerware" price lists, they won't contain prices for every piece in the set, but they can be useful as a gauge of how high you should go, as most of the time the listed prices are for mint condition pieces. For a place to start, look for Warman's, Kovel's, or Miller's price guides.

Was the official Starburst design used on anything else? Was anything made to match Starburst dinnerware?

Gladding, McBean, and Co. did produce a glazed square tile with the Starburst design under their Hermosa Glazed Ceramic Tile line. Another website has an image of a magazine ad for Hermosa, with the Starburst tiles on a kitchen wall.

That's the only item that I have heard of that definitely used the official Starburst pattern. I've seen cloth napkins, drinking glasses, and wallpaper that had a very similar (obviously copycat) starburst pattern. However, I'm not sure at the moment the best way to go about finding such items to purchase. I've only just happened upon them (quite rarely) on eBay. I'm still looking into this...

And more to come...

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