Starburst Dinnerware by Franciscan

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Often called backstamps, markings, or seals, the identification marks printed on most Franciscan Starburst pottery pieces are an important component of these collectibles. The logo used to mark the pieces changed over the years of production, varying with the company name- and ownership-changes.

The only closed-ended statement I've found about the production years of Franciscan's Starburst pattern is from the Miller's collectibles guide, which gives the years 1954-1957. In case this is an incorrect and narrow span of time for actual production, I include here images of the backstamps through the early 1960's. The last official stamp included was introduced in July of 1964 because from what I have read, I believe that to be the latest the Starburst dishes could have been produced.

At the bottom of the page, I have also included a photo of an alternate stamp found on the bottom of a piece of Franciscan Starburst. [jump to alternate stamp]

The following backstamps were used for all Franciscan Ware lines, so the dates given do not necessarily mean the Starburst line was in production the entire time the mark was used.


Logo used 1953 to 1958

The two above logos were used continuously from 1953 to 1958.

Logo used Feb, 1954 to July, 1958

This logo was introduced in February 1954 and used through July 1958.In 1958, the previously black stamp was changed to brown.


Logo used 1958 to 1960

A slight variation of the previous logo, introduced in 1958 and used until 1960. Notice the change in position of the copyright and trademark symbols, from top right to either side on bottom. Also, a U.S. patent number was added.

Logo used in 1961

Another variation, introduced in 1961. Again, the difference is in the position of the copyright and trademark symbols, now on either side at the top.


Logo used from Jan 1963

This logo was used from January 1963 to an unknown date. Gladding, McBean & Co has been removed from the design.

Logo used from July 1963

The Interpace name was added to the logo in July 1963.

Logo used from July 1964

In July 1964, the copyright and trademark symbols were moved once again.

Alternate Stamp

Though I have not seen this stamp on any official lists, here is an alternate marking that is on a piece of legitimate Starburst pottery, a teacup I belive, so it must have been used at some point in time. It says, "MADE IN U.S.A." and right underneath, a capital "F" (presumably for Fransiscan?).

Made in USA Franciscan Stamp

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The above information on backstamps was taken from:
Metzger, Marrianne and Delleen Enge. Franciscan, Plain & Fancy, Made in California. Ojai, CA: D. Enge, 1996.
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